Off The Wall Discipleship provides a healthy environment and community for young adults from all over the country and parts of the world to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and then go make disciples.  They have a staff of gifted Bible teachers who also have a passion to walk life with the young adults that God brings their way.  Their vision is to see young adults mature in their understanding of God’s Word, their participation in God’s Mission, and their transformation into God’s Character.

Operation 6:12 has been blessed to partner with this ministry.  Our clients are able to attend and engage in weekly classes during their time at Operation 6:12.  Through these classes they will learn about the character and leadership of Jesus, the identity they have in Christ, what salvation is and means for them, how to study the Bible, and ultimately what the call to be a disciple and make a disciple is.

Another benefit of this partnership is the relationship between ministries that develop.  Both ministries feature cultural and geographical diversity.  They are getting to know people who are different from themselves which is changing their perspective and growing their understanding of the world in which they live.  This God-given partnership is just another way we seek to armor men for the battle of addiction.

To find out more about OTW visit www.otwdiscipleship.com.