Operation 6:12 is a gateway to a life with purpose. A place where it's OK to be not OK. A sober living environment consisting of a brotherhood of Men & Sisterhood of Women whose willingness and determination to help one another is what sets 6:12 apart. A place where you can gain true freedom from an

Our Mission:


Operation 6:12 is a gateway to a life with purpose. A place where it's OK to be not OK. A sober living environment consisting of a brotherhood of Men & Sisterhood of Women whose willingness and determination to help one another is what sets 6:12 apart. A place where you can gain true freedom from any of lifes struggles through Jesus Christ. An organization I am blessed to be a part of and fortunate enough to call my family.
- Matthew Sedjo


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Bible Studies 

Our daily Bible studies are far more than just learning the Scriptures, it is a time of interaction and a time of healing. This is a time when we take our real life problems and match them up against the infallible word of God. It allows us the opportunity to encourage each other while we learn and transform our minds. While we were addicts the negative influences to our minds were constant, we do the same thing with scripture, we inundate the mind with the life transforming Word of God. Bible studies also gives us an opportunity to bring business leaders teachers and pastors in from the local area to teach the word of God and to interact, this is a great way to make connections that will last a lifetime!

The 6:12 Steps

The step work at 6:12 uses is much like the step work from celebrate recovery or AA, it is step work with a 6:12 twist. 

Step work is a very important tool in this process of rehabilitation. We utilize it to get everything out and into the open in a safe and professional way that takes the pressure off. At 6:12 we believe it is our secrets that keep us sick. 

Biblical Counseling 

For some of those more in depth issues, we provide biblical counseling that will allow our clients to go there. Our counselors have an in-depth understanding of the Bible and of the character of God. They are very professional and insightful, helping our clients often to hear a word from God. 

Church at the Barn 

Church at the Barn is Operation 6:12’s own church, designed around helping broken people walk out of darkness. We believe the church is about family in Christ, we love our church family! Church at the barn is a beautiful way for people to continue to be connected to this great family after graduation. We have dinner and fellowship every other week along with service every week. 

Work Program

Here in operation 6:12 we do not take insurance or self pay, it is free to come into our program. The way we pay for our program is, clients work every other week to pay for their stay and to keep the doors open for the people to come. 

Our organization works as an employee leasing agency. However, our work program is far more than just connecting our clients with jobs to pay for there stay. It allows us to explore the issues that our clients have in the workplace such as their view on authority or work ethics or trade skill building. This also allows a constructive mental and physical therapy to assist in the transformation of their mind, body, and spirit. Through our work program, we have seen many of our clients rise to levels that they never thought that they would or could. This is a valuable blessing and restoration of hope and confidence. Upon graduation clients are given a check to help them get started. Operation 6:12 is very invested in the reentry into society of our clients, we are there every step of the way. 

Prayer Night

Prayer night is a time of worship and also a time to pray for one another it’s a time to meet God on a spiritual and emotional level. At our prayer nights we often see emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Prayer night is a favorite of all of our clients.

Off The Wall Ministries 

Off The Wall Discipleship provides a healthy environment and community for young adults from all over the country and parts of the world to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and then go make disciples. They have a staff of gifted Bible teachers who also have a passion to walk life with the young adults that God brings their way. Their vision is to see young adults mature in their understanding of God’s Word, their participation in God’s Mission, and their transformation into God’s Character.

Operation 6:12 has been blessed to partner with this ministry. Our clients are able to attend and engage in weekly classes during their time at Operation 6:12. Through these classes they will learn about the character and leadership of Jesus, the identity they have in Christ, what salvation is and means for them, how to study the Bible, and ultimately what the call to be a disciple and make a disciple is.

Another benefit of this partnership is the relationship between ministries that develop. Both ministries feature cultural and geographical diversity. They are getting to know people who are different from themselves which is changing their perspective and growing their understanding of the world in which they live. This God-given partnership is just another way we seek to armor families for the battle of addiction


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